The WCCR Scholarship & University Grant Program is proud to share the success stories of the students we have supported throughout their high school and university education. To help us continue this great work, contact our  University Grant Chair, or make a donation today!

Angie Salazar

Angie Salazar
“Starting with my high school education The Women’s Club has supported my studies. Later, Universidad Nacional (UNA) admitted me to study Economic and Social Planning, and WCCR continued to support my professional career. This involved not only obtaining a university degree but also growing holistically as a human being. On this day, and with my diploma in my hands, I am very aware that being a professional does not mean holding a document that shows my name and degree but rather it includes my performance in the workforce, the love I bring to everything I do, and working for and with other people. I am very aware that we live in a very individualistic world, one that needs more people who love their fellow men and women and who want to help. God willing, I hope to perform my best during the course of my life. Once again I want to express my THANKS to the Women’s Club for providing fundamental help in my growth and development as a professional.”

Daniel Barrantes

Daniel Barrantes
Daniel Barrantes, our student who graduated from TEC in Cartago as a Mechatronics Engineer in December 2014, (a six-year course leading to the “Licenciatura” degree) has accepted a job with Boston Scientific. Congratulations! And thanks to Nelleke Bruyn, his supportive and tireless “madrina”. Here is a photo of his graduation day, with his proud parents.

The following letter is a translation (and adaptation) of a thank-you letter written (in Spanish) by our former student David Artavia to his madrina, Mary Jo Miller (also supportive and tireless). After graduating in December 2014 in computer Science, David is pursuing a Licenciatura Degree.

“I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me; it allowed me to obtain my goals. At the time when I needed support to start working on my objectives, you provided it. This was incredibly important to me, and I will never cease to thank you. I feel great affection, esteem, and gratitude to the Women’s Club, especially to all of you (the Scholarship Committee), for your help. I feel that we have gotten to know each other in some ways. I am happy to know that new students will receive funds to accomplish their goals as I did.

Truly I thank you for all the help you have provided. I will always be ready to give my testimonial, or, simply, to have a coffee with you.

Thanks again for your support; I wish you all the best and may God bless you, because what you do for the students is truly invaluable and very powerful. Education opens doors in every person’s future.


Natalia Alvarado

Natalia graduation 12-19-2014
Natalia Alvarado was the recipient of a Women’s Club scholarship while in High School (Colegio). After graduating secondary school with excellent grades, she was selected to receive a University Scholarship. Currently she is studying towards a “Licenciatura” degree; her current GPA is 93%. Women’s Club member Nelleke Bruyn, her “madrina”, wrote: “Natalia has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She is very responsible and always sent me everything we needed, without my having to remind her.”

“My name is Natalia Alvarado Guevara. I am 23 years old, the eldest of four siblings, and I live in Santa Rita Nandayure, Guanacaste. By the time I finished secondary school my family was in a difficult economic situation. The scholarship I received from The Women’s Club made it possible for me to continue my education at the Universidad Nacional. During the last five years, I commuted at least one hour daily to attend my classes; in the last semester of 2014 it increased to three hours because classes were held on two different campuses. Making this effort allowed me to graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration in 2014. I hardly know how to give thanks for all the help and support that your organization gave me and my family. For now, my appreciation is reflected in my grades and my effort. May God bless you!”