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Schoolbooks for Kids!

The WCCR Schoolbooks Program has progressed by leaps and bounds since the pilot project started in 2010, when local newspaper La Nación printed a set of four books: Spanish, Math, Science and Social Studies for children from 4th to 6th grade.

Over the last 7 school years, The Women’s Club of Costa Rica joined the initiative taken by La Nación as their Social Responsibility Project, to provide affordable, actual and attractive schoolbooks at a cost much lower than the other editorials offering schoolbooks for the educational market in Costa Rica.

Traditionally, in Costa Rica, the children work with black and white photocopies, taken from various textbooks and are very often of poor quality. In many rural schools, not even photocopies are a practical solution, due to the distance between the school and a photocopy facility. In 2010, it was calculated that approximately 270,000 children in Costa Rica attended school without any textbooks. Child reading

The Women’s Club was happy to join La Nación’s initiative, donating sets of schoolbooks to 305 students in 2010 and 486 students in 2011; in 2012 the donation increased to benefit 572 primary school children in 14 schools, at a cost of 6.000 colones per set of books; in 2013, WCCR donated a complete set of schoolbooks to a total of 678 students in 11 rural schools; in 2018 The Women’s Club provided a set of schoolbooks to each of 1,500 children, in 53 rural schools; in 2019, the Club donated sets of schoolbooks to 1,000 children in 38 rural schools; in 2020,1468 children received schoolbooks in 38 rural schools.  More than half this amount was funded through personal donations from members and friends of the Club.

The provision of a set of attractive, colorful schoolbooks has made an incredible difference to children. To have their own set of books makes a definite leap forward in their learning progress.

We are very proud to be able to take part in this incredibly worthy project and hope that this appeal will encourage you to personally participate. A set of textbooks for a single child coasts 6,600 colones, approximately US$12.00.Every single donation will help stimulate one young child’s learning process.  Please be generous!

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