About WCCR Scholarships & Grant Program

How we got stated

Since 1977 hundreds of Costa Rican high school and University students from low income families have benefited from grants available to them through The Women’s Club Scholarship Programs.

The Grants Program started 43 years ago with the mission to help excellent Costa Rican students in public high schools from low income families stay in school and graduate with the Bachillerato (high school diploma).  The modest scholarship payments went directly to the students, who could apply them to books, uniforms, bus fares to school or to any other expenses that would have been too onerous for their families.  When the Costa Rican government stepped in and created a program to pay higher subsidies to low-income families, helping them with the cost of schooling, WCCR decided to phase out the High School Scholarship Program.  The last high school  beneficiary graduated in 2012.

Moving Forward with Grants

In 2010, WCCR started a program to help first year University students, all of whom were graduates of the high school program. We help Costa Rican students who attend all 5 public universities and INA (the national trade school) in many parts of the country from Nicoya to Pérez Zeledón. 

University education at any of the several public universities, although very affordable is not free in Costa Rica. Young people can apply for and obtain need-based scholarships  to help cover the cost of courses, partially or entirely.  Students from poorer backgrounds, especially from rural districts, struggle to afford the housing, meals, books, supplies and travel funds associated with study at a university. The University Grant Program helps students cover these costs.

Hich school scholars-scholarshipsCurrently, we have 14 students studying in a variety of disciplines, such as computer engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical technology/pharmacy, international business, business administration, and mathematics education. Spanish speaking Club members called “madrinas” supervise, encourage, and guide the students who have to maintain good grade.

In addition to funds from the WCCR, there is a generous and enthusiastic group of sponsors who contribute on an annual basis to the university grant program.  Student profiles, and regular progress report,  are sent to sponsors. 


Interested in supporting a student in Costa Rica?  Please contact our University Grant chair. Or click here to make a donation. On behalf of the students, thank you!