Girls’ Dine Out – A Remarkable Evening

by Lynette Valetutti 

What a delightful evening it was! The Professional Women’s Group (PWG) of the Women’s Club of Costa Rica had a meeting at Sofia Mediterraneo restaurant in Barrio Escalante, Thursday May 23rd that wasn’t just a meeting- it was a coming together of young, younger and younger in-mind, talented, skilled, industrious women, sharing their hopes, dreams, goals, and business experiences in a friendly atmosphere in the heart of San Jose. Women came from as far as up in the mountains above Cuidad Colon and from Perez Zeledon as well as the local suburbs to partake in this event.

Truly remarkable was all the talent that had come together in this lovely setting, conducive to sharing, interacting, story-telling. From doctors to purveyors of natural foods and goods, independent contractors, teachers, writers, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, editors, accountants, all in the same room, everyone earnestly socialized and enjoyed good food and drinks all the while.

Spurring everyone on right from the start were the PWG coordinators who had everyone commence with an exercise destined to have everyone interact. Within minutes, women were talking, laughing, sharing, networking, handing out business cards, developing ideas, exchanging stories, histories, languages (I thought I heard French, German, English, Spanish, at the very least). Of course, the incentive of having your dinner paid for if you had the most contacts, spurred everyone on to get to know as many people as possible! Incidentally, there were a few men who attended as well!

Some of us were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the beautiful art and exquisite designs crafted by a number of women through their brochures and on-line. (Smart phone are handy to have here). Others received personal touches of natural essences and candles. We also got to hear and meet some very dedicated women helping others in need through their charitable work and efforts, specifically the terminally ill and women without economic resources.

When you decide to join in and attend a PWG meeting, come prepared to meet extraordinary women, doing extraordinary things here in our extraordinary Costa Rica.

A Remarkable Evening