Professional Women’s Group

Program January 2015

Danielle Hart

Danielle Hart: Social Media for Small Enterprises
What a great start for the New Year!This month’s PWG meeting greeted 31 attendees, many of them new guests whom we hope will continue to join us.The topic of using social media given by Danielle Hart is an important interest for small enterprises. For those of us who use social media there was more to learn. For those who knew they should get involved yet felt it all a bit overwhelming, her talk was a clarifying balm.

Danielle’s use of PowerPoint slides were clear, concise and very informative. Danielle alsoDanielle2 provided many resources to help with organization and scheduling, visual content tools and different strategies using social media.

Many people know social media is important but Danielle impressed just how effective it can be.

“I was blown away by how much impact social media will have on hits to my website,” wrote one attendee.

For those who use social media there were new things to learn, such as unraveling the mystery of using hash tags (#). We were also encouraged to use our worksheets to make notes as the talk progressed. This helped us to pinpoint important information such as:

  • What is the foundation of your brand voice?
  • What are 5 keywords your audience will search for?

Danielle Hart is just one of the many speakers invited for the year of 2015 for learning, sharing and socializing  opportunities.

We are hoping she’ll make an encore appearance. Thank you, Danielle!

Social Media for Small Enterprises