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Recuerdos by Helen Dunn Frame

On March 11th the Women’s Club of Costa Rica hosted at the Aurola Holiday Inn in San Jose a luncheon initiating 75 Years of Friendship and Service celebrations. By the time 11 a.m. rolled around and members could ascend to the 17th floor with its panoramic view of downtown, a sea of humanity filled the hotel lobby. It provided an opportunity to chat with friends and make new ones.

A new film, produced and directed by Daniel Herrera, that depicts the years the Women’s Club has been active, was viewed. (Check out the 2015 directory for  “A (not-so) Little History of WCCR” on which the film was based.)

President Sylvia Prince kept the Business Meeting short as well as the Extraordinary Meeting held to elect three members to board positions left vacant in December and January. Congratulations to Lisa Aspinall, Recording Secretary; Ellen Corliss for Corresponding Secretary; and Joan Boyce, Vocal. The meeting included accepting the minutes of the last meeting and the treasurer’s report.

WCCR has held the March meeting at the hotel for several years. As usual, the menu was appetizing and filling. I much prefer being served by waiters than standing in a long line to a buffet!

Michale Gabriel presented a slide show that highlighted the exceptional prizes she secured for the raffle. I won a custom cake from Lusa Pastelería and had several members volunteer to come to my house for a party.

Mary Alice Lesko distributed the Service Pin Awards. Firstly, Pat Miranda has been a member for 55 years. Ruth Peralta received a pin for 50 years; and Angela Lenderlink for 35 years. Twenty-five other members received service pins, now with magnets to keep the pins from poking holes in clothing, for memberships ranging from five to 25 years.

Because I was not the youngest person at my table, I did not win the flower centerpiece, once again donated by Norma Ogryzlo. Each year she suggests how the winners should be determined. If you left early, you might have missed taking home a plant for your garden.

Recuerdos by Helen Dunn Frame