Just Imagine…

By Michale Gabriel, Story Teller

You are a 3rd grade student at a village primary school near Puriscal and this is your first day of Book Donationsclass. Not only is this a new class but this is a new school for you. You have come to this village to live with your grandmother because your mother is in prison. You are not sure why. Your grandmother uses a wheelchair to get around and sometimes she has to go really slow. But that does not stop her from letting you crawl onto her lap so she can give you hugs. It does not stop her from braiding your hair each morning and telling you she loves you. That morning as you leave for your first day of school, she tells you to study hard and make her proud. You promise her that you will.

So you watch as the teacher walks from desk to desk and places before each student — 4 books. New books. Textbooks. She says some very nice ladies from The Women’s Club of Costa Rica bought them for all the children. Then she comes to you. She smiles and places those same 4 books in front of you. You read the titles: Spanish, Social Studies, Math and Science. You had books in your old school but those books were black and white and they were copied. They even smelled funny. These books are pretty and new. You open the pages of the first book. There are stories and things to do, like answering questions with lots of space to write in and places where you can fill in the blanks.

Then the teacher tells you that you can write your name on the inside cover of each of the books! “Why?” you ask. “Because you can write your name in books that belong to you,” she answers. You can’t believe it. They are the first books that you have ever owned in your whole life! You write your name slowly and carefully in each one. You want every letter to be just right. And when you are done, you take these 4 books and hold them to your chest. At that moment, deep down inside, you realize something. You realize that these books are going to help make you smarter, they will help you to become a good student and to make your grandmother proud. It’s like holding magic in your hands.

Anytime, anywhere….we are accepting textbook donations!

You can always make your donation at any time to a Board or Advisory member.  They all have receipt books and they are not leaving home without them! You can also give donations to your hosts at all WCCR Interest Group Events: PWG, Book clubs, Cooking clubs, etc.

Remember: The 2014 School Year starts February 4th. Let’s make magic together by putting a book in the hands of a child.

Just Imagine