Assisting on Committees

Since its foundation, the WCCR has been involved in social and community activities. Committees recommend specific projects to the Board of Directors which, in turn, studies the proposals brought forth for approval.

Through various Committees’ efforts, administration of the Club, charitable programs, and an array of social activities promoting friendship among members are organized.

Budget Committee
Develops the annual budget with the President, Treasurer, Fiscal, and others as determined by the plan of work for the year. The budget is submitted to the Board for consideration, and then to the General Assembly for approval.

Directory Committee
Gathers the information and coordinates the publication of the annual directory.

Event Committee
committee_02WCCR events offer a great opportunity to blend social interaction for our members and fundraising to support our selected charitable programs in Costa Rica. Our Event Steering Committee organizes interesting and fun fund-raising events throughout the year. Larger events include tasty food, wine, and a silent auction with great prizes. Creative mini-fundraisers are also set up along with other activities as additional sources of support for our projects and fun for our members.
Other entertaining activities are just waiting for your ideas! Contact us if you have one.

Fund Raising Committee
Develops a plan and oversees its implementation. All fund-raising activities require the approval of the Board of Directors. The Committee works closely with the Budget Committee, the Treasurer, and all related Committees.

Interest Groups Committee
WCCR encourages its members to pursue their hobbies and special interests by forming Interest Groups. Whether these groups meet weekly, monthly or just on occasion, they are a wonderful avenue for building lasting friendships. Some groups have been in existence for years and others are currently being launched.

Membership and Welcoming Committee
Keeps an accurate and up-to-date record of WCCR members, collects membership dues, and welcomes members and guests at all Club functions.


Newsletter Committee
Collects all articles, news, and notices for inclusion in the monthly publication. It is responsible for the timely distribution of the Newsletter to the membership and coordinating its access on the web page.

Nominating Committee
Committee of five members and one alternate is presented for approval at a General Assembly; its duty is to prepare a slate of officers to present to membership at the October Annual Meeting.

University Grant Program Committee
Manages the WCCR University and High School programs which are coordinated by this team. They oversee the selection of the students and their progress. Bilingual skills are recommended.

Schoolbooks for Kids  Program Committee
Organizes the raising of funds to purchase the textbooks, selects the recipient schools, and coordinates the delivery with members and local newspaper La Nación from whom the books are bought. Bilingual skills are recommended.

Want to learn more about volunteering on committees with the WCCR?  Please use our Contact form and select a general area of interest. A member chair will respond to you promptly.