WCCR: What We Do

Founded in 1940, the WCCR has undergone many changes during more than seven decades, but the spirit of “friendship through service” remains the same.

Our main goals are building friendships and promoting education for Costa Rican young people. In the last five decades, we have donated over 1.8 million dollars.

Our friendship mission is accomplished through social events by welcoming local and newly relocated women into the community and introducing them to our fascinating and culturally diverse members. Many of our ladies have incredible accomplishments and great stories to tell.

The following outlines our programs and volunteer opportunities for our members. You are invited to become involved!


University Grant Program

Post-Secondary Scholarship Winners The WCCR University Scholarship Program was initiated in 2010 to help students from low-income families studying in public Universities in various parts of Costa Rica (UCR, UNA, ITC, UNED and INA).  In 2013, the Scholarship Program was honored to receive a grant from CRUSA and a relationship was formed with the International Baccalaureate Program.  Read more


Schoolbooks for Kids

Post-Secondary Scholarship WinnersOver the last seven school years, The Women’s Club of Costa Rica has joined local newspaper La Nación’s social responsibility initiative to provide current and attractive text books to low income Costa Rican schoolchildren.  Read more


 Interest Groups

WCCR members get together to share a common interest or hobby.  Groups may meet weekly, monthly or just occasionally. Participating in any of these interest groups is a great way to meet new people and form lasting friendships.  Click here to view the different groups.