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2012 Fundraising Event Artists

The WCCR Fundraising Efforts

Members of The WCCR actively support worthwhile projects in Costa Rica through their donations and volunteer service. The WCCR Fundraising Committee is responsible for developing and administering a comprehensive, integrated fundraising strategy to support all WCCR Charitable Programs. These programs currently include providing scholarship support for deserving Costa Rican young people and by purchasing schoolbooks for elementary age children in rural areas through La Nacion’s Libros para Todos initiative.

Other fundraising events include our annual Charity/Friend-raising Event, neighborhood teas and fundraising events sponsored by WCCR Special Interest Groups, individual club members and Friends of WCCR.

If you are interested in making a donation to our efforts, please click here.


2014 Fundraising Event Artists
2014 Fundraising Event Artists “Singing in the Rain”

The Women’s Club extends a heartfelt “Thank you!” to the following noteworthy contributors to our 2014 Fundraising Event: Singing in the Rain

Local artists: Laurel Anderson, Elena Austermuhle, Karen Bibas, Magda Cordoba, Joan Dewar, Babs Gildersleeve, Estilita Grimaldo, Sherry Heinl, Karin Knappstein, Meg Latshaw, Mary Alice Lesko, Maya Devi Menon, Sylvia Prince, Jilla (Tiger) Roth, Cynthia Saenz, Heike Schleiter, Rosemary Vega, Lorena Villalobos, Ulrike Weiskorn, Jan Yatsko

Local contributors:

  • Academia de Flamenco Paulina Peralta 
  • Barry Schwartz
  • Costa Rica Ballroom and Dancesport Asoc.   
  • Desarrollos Hoteleros Guanacaste S.A.   
  • Easy Properties S.A.      
  • The WCCR Professional Women’s Group
  • The WCCR North Side Book Club
  • The WCCR Paraíso Book Club
  • The WCCR Creative Cooking Interest Group
  • Trisquel S.A.
Video of The WCCR 2012 Fundraiser Event:  Sensational Chair Auction

Video & Chair Photos Courtesy of Joan & Iain Dewar; Music courtesy of Editus -Grammy Award winner; Scenic Fotos de Juanita