Friends of WCCR

The business community along with members and friends of the WCCR actively support worthwhile projects in Costa Rica through their donations and volunteer service. These programs currently include providing scholarship support to deserving Costa Rican young people and by purchasing textbooks for elementary age children in rural areas through local newspaper La Nación’s Libros para Todos Social Responsibility Program.


The Donors: People caring about educational opportunities for the youth of Costa Rica
The Recipients: Bright, energetic students who are truly disadvantaged economically.


A sponsorship that enables WCCR programs to benefit low income young people, their families and their communities.


Individuals, corporations, small businesses, NGOs (Non-government organizations) are invited to become sponsors. Both individual and corporate sponsors have used these donations as gifts for clients and personal gifts (hostess, birthday, holiday)….a wonderful way to support the development of young talent.

The Rewards are Two-fold:

Sponsorships enable our students to complete their education and puts textbooks in the hands of rural primary students, promoting their learning.
Donors experience the joy and fulfillment of assisting these young people to reach otherwise unattainable goals. Often they become friends of the student they help.

Your participation is warmly welcomed. Donors currently fund 60% of our Scholarship Program and 50% of our Textbooks Program. The rest comes out of the Club’s general fundraising activities. We enthusiastically invite you to share this dynamic opportunity by contributing to our projects.

Other friends can be found on our Supporters and Patrons pages.