Just Imagine

Just Imagine…

By Michale Gabriel, Story Teller

You are a 3rd grade student at a village primary school near Puriscal and this is your first day of Book Donationsclass. Not only is this a new class but this is a new school for you. You have come to this village to live with your grandmother because your mother is in prison. You are not sure why. Your grandmother uses a wheelchair to get around and sometimes she has to go really slow. But that does not stop her from letting you crawl onto her lap so she can give you hugs. It does not stop her from braiding your hair each morning and telling you she loves you. That morning as you leave for your first day of school, she tells you to study hard and make her proud. You promise her that you will.

So you watch as the teacher walks from desk to desk and places before each student — 4 books. New books. Textbooks. She says some very nice ladies from The Women’s Club of Costa Rica bought them for all the children. Then she comes to you. She smiles and places those same 4 books in front of you. You read the titles: Spanish, Social Studies, Math and Science. You had books in your old school but those books were black and white and they were copied. They even smelled funny. These books are pretty and new. You open the pages of the first book. There are stories and things to do, like answering questions with lots of space to write in and places where you can fill in the blanks.

Then the teacher tells you that you can write your name on the inside cover of each of the books! “Why?” you ask. “Because you can write your name in books that belong to you,” she answers. You can’t believe it. They are the first books that you have ever owned in your whole life! You write your name slowly and carefully in each one. You want every letter to be just right. And when you are done, you take these 4 books and hold them to your chest. At that moment, deep down inside, you realize something. You realize that these books are going to help make you smarter, they will help you to become a good student and to make your grandmother proud. It’s like holding magic in your hands.

Anytime, anywhere….we are accepting textbook donations!

You can always make your donation at any time to a Board or Advisory member.  They all have receipt books and they are not leaving home without them! You can also give donations to your hosts at all WCCR Interest Group Events: PWG, Book clubs, Cooking clubs, etc.

Remember: The 2014 School Year starts February 4th. Let’s make magic together by putting a book in the hands of a child.

A Remarkable Evening

Girls’ Dine Out – A Remarkable Evening

by Lynette Valetutti 

What a delightful evening it was! The Professional Women’s Group (PWG) of the Women’s Club of Costa Rica had a meeting at Sofia Mediterraneo restaurant in Barrio Escalante, Thursday May 23rd that wasn’t just a meeting- it was a coming together of young, younger and younger in-mind, talented, skilled, industrious women, sharing their hopes, dreams, goals, and business experiences in a friendly atmosphere in the heart of San Jose. Women came from as far as up in the mountains above Cuidad Colon and from Perez Zeledon as well as the local suburbs to partake in this event.

Truly remarkable was all the talent that had come together in this lovely setting, conducive to sharing, interacting, story-telling. From doctors to purveyors of natural foods and goods, independent contractors, teachers, writers, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, editors, accountants, all in the same room, everyone earnestly socialized and enjoyed good food and drinks all the while.

Spurring everyone on right from the start were the PWG coordinators who had everyone commence with an exercise destined to have everyone interact. Within minutes, women were talking, laughing, sharing, networking, handing out business cards, developing ideas, exchanging stories, histories, languages (I thought I heard French, German, English, Spanish, at the very least). Of course, the incentive of having your dinner paid for if you had the most contacts, spurred everyone on to get to know as many people as possible! Incidentally, there were a few men who attended as well!

Some of us were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the beautiful art and exquisite designs crafted by a number of women through their brochures and on-line. (Smart phone are handy to have here). Others received personal touches of natural essences and candles. We also got to hear and meet some very dedicated women helping others in need through their charitable work and efforts, specifically the terminally ill and women without economic resources.

When you decide to join in and attend a PWG meeting, come prepared to meet extraordinary women, doing extraordinary things here in our extraordinary Costa Rica.

2012 Sensational Chairs

Thank you, Thank you! Let me count the ways…

To WCCR’s wonderful volunteers, the Steering Committee, the Board, the artists, the donors of auction items and chairs, the photographer, the musicians, the MC’s, the auctioneer, restaurants & wine distributors, the sponsors, the media, and our supporters who came out to the Museo de los Niños on September 1st to raise funds for WCCR’s education programs.

We can’t thank you enough!



You can view photos of the event online!

It was a night filled with fun and excitement, one to be remembered for years to come! You can find all the photos from A Night at the Museum on Picasa. Just click on the button below to view the gallery.

[button size=”small” link=”https://picasaweb.google.com/113115489670444229145/ASensationalNightAtTheMuseumSeptember12012?authuser=0&feat=directlink” color=”blue” linkTarget=”_blank”]Click here to see the photos![/button] [/info]


[dropcap4]T[/dropcap4]he evening of September 1st we held our annual fundraiser at the Children’s Museum. The tremendous efforts of the Event Steering Committee (Roslyn Beswick, Michele Còté, Elena Austermúhle, Joan Dewar, Bonnie Murry, Sylvia Prince, Grace Woodman, Barbara Freeman, and Margie Arias) which began nine months before this day, were finally coming to fruition. The Salon was beautifully prepared and decorated with the Sensational Chairs and Other Items arranged amongst the round tables for our guests.

The food was delicious and plentiful from our donors, Aya Sofia, Deli Arte Cartering, Muro-Ji, Lekkerland, Saga, Hotel Bougainvillea, Jürgens, Resatuarante, Tin Jo, Coopedota coffee, red wine and white wine partially donated by distributors (Wagner, Importadora Jogran, S.A., Grupo Pampa,S.A., Sabores Argentino, S.A.) and soft drinks provided by WCCR. The Columbian band, Al Galope, was entertaining us with their traditional music.

A total of 203 tickets were purchased. We raised about $11,500. There may be more funds coming in with the sale of the 2013 Sensational Chairs Calendars.

I wish to thank the artists who donated their time to paint or decorate a chair. Also thanks go to all of those who solicited Silent Auction items and door prizes and to those who donated them. I wish to thank the many volunteers who helped before, during, and after the event. Thanks also go out to our Sponsors for this event Barry Schwartz and Do the Right Thing Foundation, La Republica, Libros Para Todos, Mundanzas Mundiales, Sleep Inn, Bonnie Murry, Gary Hang Lee, Linda Manoll and Frans Lamers, Susan Tessem, Victoria Schwarz, Cariari County Club, Costa Rica Country Club, Plaza Major, San José Indoor Club, Alquileres 2000, Banco National de Costa Rica, Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce, Distribuidora Quirós & Retana S.A., Martin González and Jaime Barreto, Tamarindo Pacific Interiors, and Vivero El Zamorano/Don Ernesto Cordero. Special thanks to Ian Dewar, Joan Ritchie Dewar, Fotos de Juanita, Photography for the You Tube Video Production and to Editus, 360 Tresesenta for donating the video music.

Many thanks from all of us to Joan Dewar for bringing the idea of the Sensational Chairs to us in the first place and then following through with every detail imaginable, handling the publicity, and utilizing all forms of media to get the word out to the public. Thanks to all others for your participation and support!

Margie Arias
Event Chair 2012